Air Flow From 350 to 44400 I/S

The AQX air-handling units feature:

  • Basic modular series developed on 32 standard sizes with constant coverage from 2.2 m/s to 2.52 m/s;
  • The high level of engineering of the AQX series allows, along with the 32 standard sizes, to set different frontal dimensions in order to meet specific size requirements for construction sites and handling needs, with a 50 mm pitch both in terms of height and depth;
  • Aluminum alloy frame with an exclusive design;
  • Thermal cut as standard on sections and joints between sections;
  • Concealed intermediate sections;
  • Thermally cut sandwich buffer panels, 50mm thick with thermoacoustic insulation made with injected polyurethane (40kg/m³) or mineral wool (90kg/m³);
  • The internal and external sheet metal of the panels can be selected among 7 types of material with different thicknesses;
  • Handles for inspection doors that can also be opened from the inside;
  • Absolutely smooth internal surfaces to minimise dust deposits and make cleaning and disinfection easier;
  • Antivibration bellow supplied as standard on the fans’ intake;
  • The AQX units can be equipped with a vast array of filtering solutions starting from simple G2 undulated synthetic filter cells, along with a wide range of rigid pocket cells, absolute filters, automatic filters, electrostatic and active carbon filters with high and extremely high-efficiency levels;
  • Static, rotary, run-around heat recovery systems;
  • Heat exchanger coils using water, direct expansion, steam, diathermal oil, electricity with 4 types of pitch versions, fins and several pipe and fin thicknesses;
  • Water gravity humidifying systems with pack or pump, water, compressed air, steam and air washer versions;
  • Aluminum or stainless steel condensate collection trays inside the paneling, insulated and tilted towards the drain;
  • DIDW quality fans, with forward impeller, reversed or with a wing profile and plug-type fans;
    noise-reduction sections.